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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm A Wanna-Be Trout Bum.....Part I

I'm like most fly-fisherman, I constantly day dreaming about Steelhead taking a swung fly, or that big western Brown Trout gulping a Chubby Chernobyl off the surface in spectacular fashion. I desperately need to be a trout bum for at least a short period of time before I loose my mind... Of all the things one can be addicted too like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and porn, I choose fly fishing as my everyday high, a way to maintain my sanity, a short release from responsibility, and a special balance in my life. Without fly fishing I would not be the person I am today... Thankfully my dealer came through and my fly fishing fix this summer would come just in a nick of time!

The first time I seen the Big Horn Mountain Range I took it for granted... The second time around I spent as much time as I needed while taking in the spectacular scenery. Not only is it an amazing sight, you feel at peace, and are able to think about all the important things happening in your life. 

My trout bum week would take me to Saddlestring, Wyoming to the HF Bar Guest Ranch and the home of Rock Creek Anglers. As some of you know- fellow steelhead guide Brett McCrea makes the HF Ranch his summer home and provides seasonal guide services for RCA.        

A welcome sign for any angler looking for the opportunity to fly fish for big and wild trout!

I have seen or visited nearly a 100 fly shops across the nation, most of them in there own right are really great shops that carry the latest of everything and anything available from the fly fishing industry. The only problem is you really don't feel like you are anything more than just a customer. When I stepped into the fly shop & bar at Rock Creek Anglers I felt like I was in the company of anglers, guys who live the trout bum life, and more importantly guys who excepted and welcomed the intrusion of a Wanna- Be like myself... Not only did Rock Creek Anglers have what you needed in gear, they treated you like you where apart of there family, and as a welcomed, and long lost fishing buddy who has finally come home.... It's a special place and I feel extremely fortunate to have been there! Just take a look at the fly shop and bar in the next three photos, and if you can't understand where I am coming from, you should seriously consider getting your eyes checked.... 

The fly fishing RCA provides can be summed up with this phase. It will be the best western dry fly fishing you can possibly imagine for big and wild trout! This was the second year I have fished with RCA and the dry fly action and trout fishing seems only to get better every year. Put it this way- the week was fishgasmic and I will need at least 3 blog entries just to get it out of my system! Here are just a few shots to nibble on until the next entry...  

Brett Plays a nice Rock Creek Brown Trout that took a Gold Chubby Chernobyl.

I told you it was a nice Brown Trout!

Another nice Brown Trout that took a large Deer Hair and Foam Stone fly.

I love the colors in the adipose fin of a Brown Trout.

I like big bold spot patterns too!

I enjoyed every moment down to each release...

And at night there will be good music and cold beer! If this is the type of experience you are looking for, let me know because I will be going back next summer, and I am looking for a couple more wanna-be trout bums to go with me!

I will have part II up in the next few days, so check back often... Trust me when I say this is just the Beginning! 

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