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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Much Needed Fly Fishing Retreat...

Over the past 11 days Mike Schultz and I hosted 3 groups of anglers up to our Brook Trout Retreat for a little fly fishing R&R. The bugs were popping everyday, the guys were awesome, and the fishing was good! We look forward to seeing you all again in the near future! Here a a few of the photos, I think they will tell the story better than I can!   
The scenery was spectacular, as we walked the stream searching for a rise.
Everyone enjoyed the Michigan Micro Brew.

Beers, brats, and dogs met each group upon there arrival to the retreat. 

Wet waders, strung rods, and happy anglers = Nap Time!

A solid Brook Trout caught on a Stimulator during the Yellow Sally hatch.

Schultzy & Dick pose with a hefty Retreat Brookie.

Bill poses with a nice Brook Trout, one of many during his retreat.

Senyo & Dave share a pic with a nicely colored Brook Trout.

Brook Trout that took a sculpin pattern.

Gary & Mike pose with a nice Brook Trout that took a streamer.

After a long day of fishing and a good steak dinner!

Tyler & Jesse share a picture together! This was Tyler's first trout on the fly!

Jesse wasn't far behind in landing this fat Brook Trout.

Schultzy & Ralph pose with a rare Tiger Trout!

The Tiger Trout took an Olive-Tan Circus Peanut.

Gary with another solid Brook Trout!

When the stream rose with the rains, large sculpins and streamers were the ticket!

Bob with a nice Brook Trout!

Flip landed the most "Wanted"  Brook Trout of the week, as we failed to get this guy to grab a fly until high water...

Schultzy plays a Brook Trout during what little down time we had!

Schultzy poses with a good streamer caught Brook Trout!

Senyo plays a nice trout near the cabin pool...

Senyo with a "Hero" Shot of one of the nicer Brook Trout we caught.

We fished right up to dark, as the Rusty Spinners were everywhere, and each evening we enjoyed a nice fire and good stories to end the day!

The walk home after a good day, and we'll leave it at that!

If you are interested in attending one of our hosted Brook Trout Retreats Next Spring, Please contact us at 419-466-9382.... Space is very limited!

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Patrick Campbell said...

The brookies and tigers look fantastic. A special place indeed!