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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

John Miller Chilean Photo Teaser III - Fishing Remote Lakes

I'm back home now and I still can't shake the past 4 weeks worth of Chilean scenery and fly fishing experiences from my mind! Even though this trip was on the top of my bucket list it was also alot of work because we will be going back, and we want to take you back to Chile with us! During my time in Chile I fished many different watershed each day and experienced drop camps, lodges, and off road adventures to remote lakes and lagoons. I have been working out the details and we will have packages together for winter of 2011 that will excite any trout bum.

Currently we are right around the corner from starting our spring Steelhead season. The rivers are starting to open up and from what we are hearing and seeing, we should have a fantastic spring Steelhead season! If you are interested in fly fishing for Lake Erie Steelhead, please don't hesitate to book your spring dates as our guide schedules are starting to fill. We all hope to see you this spring, and until then here are a few pictures from a remote lake in Chile...

SAO's John Miller with a "Pig" Rainbow Trout

John with the "Monsoon Brown Trout"

SAO's Scott McClintock is all smiles after landing this beautiful Rainbow Trout!

Good Guides = Good Fish!

You never get tired of seeing big trout!

Can you please pass the butter?

John with a heavy shouldered Rainbow Trout that
took one of Senyo's Egg Raider Streamers.

A face even Santa can love!

I hope you will join us this winter...

The Spring Steelhead runs are right around the corner, and we have a lot of great projects in the works for 2011!

Stay Tuned!

John Miller
Fly Fishing Specialist
Steelhead Alley Outfitters


Patrick Campbell said...

Nice work John!

Fishing and shooting said...

awesome pics John! I wanna fish with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!