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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Snow Doesn't Hurt, But Watch Out for the Egg McMuffins...

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hook up with a few of our friends from "O-Show" HQ in Vermont. Guys were driving and flying in from all over the region to catch a few Lake Erie Steelhead and to catch up with old friends. Severe weather, icy conditions, and snow storms made the travel slow going from the start, but we all managed to arrive in one piece and in good spirits.

Now here is the part where it gets good or should I say bad? Everyone headed out on the rivers and had a good time, caught a few decent fish, shared a few laughs, and overall had a pretty good day on the river. After the day was done, we headed over to a local bar and grill for some serious grub  It was about that time that I started to feel like I just got knocked out by Chuck Liddell. I couldn't even look at my wings and rings, and I was drinking fluids like I had been stranded in the desert for 7 days. I started sweating to death and shivering at the same time...been there?  I was thinking what the hell is wrong with me?

I decided to excuse myself and headed into the nearest emergency room. After a few minutes the doctor stepped in.  I didn't waste any time describing my symptoms to him.  In a split second, he looked at me and saed that I most likely had food poisoning. I told him I had not eaten anything since nearly 4am with the exception of some beef jerky while on the river. So after a few quick tests, my doctor came walking in with a smile on his face and says he found the problem.  Apparently I had eaten food or put something in my mouth that was contaminated with a bacteria, and it was growing and infecting my stomach. In dumb terms he tells me that someone took a dump, didn't wash their hands, and prepared my food!  

 So I spent the rest of the weekend wishing I was not alive after drinking the nastiest half gallon of antibiotic laxative and sleeping on a cold tile floor.  Friggin' Egg MacMuffins!!!  As you can see from the pictures and video below it was a fun time had by most everyone but me.  So, wash your hands....somebody's good time may depend on it.

 Some of the SAO guys talk with the boys from Orvis 
shortly after their arrival on the Alley....topic: Steelhead!

SAO guide Brett McCrae holds a small buck that was 
willing to play with some flies in cold water.

Christine fishes a nice cut.

Jim Lampros and Tim Daughton pull a nice double 
while the snow flies.  This is Steelhead weather!

Christine poses with a nice fish and
SAO guide Brett McCrae

Shawn pushes the rod to its limit to see how much 
abuse it will really take....looks like plenty!!!

Shawn Brillon and Greg Senyo pose for a quick grip and grin shot.

Doug Bear with a nice winter Steelhead

Christine slams a nice hen on the Alley

While on the water, Pat also had a chance to pull the camera out and get some footage for the "O-Show" crew to help them highlight some new gear that is pulling down some really good reviews.  The weekend may have been cold, but with friends, fish, and some film, the weekend warmed and everyone had a blast.  We are already looking forward to another outing.

 The newest short flick by Flybum Media Productions for The 
Orvis Company's new boot foot that is getting rave reviews across the country. 

In closing, don't forget to check out our fly specials in the fly shop...we can get these out just in time for that special person you want to impress this Christmas.  

Also, conditions are changing quick, but some fish are still available.  We are watching the conditions daily and getting out with clients when conditions warrant.  If you are a die hard fly fisher who wants to experience Steelheading in late season, let us know.

Looking forward to next year, minus the Egg MacMuffins....

Greg Senyo
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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