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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sulphurs: John Miller Mayfly Photos

The upper West Branch of the Delaware River as fair to heavy mid day sulphur hatches, with sizes 16 and 18 emerger imitations your best choice in pattern selection. The evenings on the entire West Branch of the Delaware River are seeing good spinner falls as well as fresh hatches, with spinners and dun imitations in sizes 18 and 20 being the most productive.
I have been really busy this season, with alot of great fish taking dry flies and sliding into the net. For those of you that asked and really wanted this, here is a quick photo essay I put together on the sulphurs and summer time on the West Branch. I hope to see many of you again this fall on the Lake Erie Tributaries for steelhead. I hope you enjoy the photos!
Sunset is sulphur time on the West Branch of the Delaware.

Here's what the trout looking for..

John Miller with a nice Delaware River brown trout caught on a #18 sulphur emerger.

Delaware River rainbow trout caught on a #16 sulphur dun on a rainy day.

Sulphur Nymph

Sulphur Cripple/Emerger Size #18

Male Sulphur Dun Size #16; Look at the foot impressions on the water surface, this is why parachute patterns work so well.

Female Sulphur Dun Size #18

Male Sulphur Spinner Size #16

Check out the eyes and color in this male sulphur spinner.

Sulphur Dun that fooled this Delaware River brown trout.
Home pool riffle in front of the West Branch Angler- Excellent sulphur water!

Female Size #16 Sulphur Dun
Mid day sulphur hatch in July on the West Branch of the Delaware River.
If you would like more information of fly fishing the Delaware River please visit the West Branch Angler Website at

Good Fishing!
John Miller
Steelhead Alley Outfitters

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