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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy,Busy,Busy! Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report

Steve & Bryant pose with this beautiful Lake Erie Steelhead!
Busy is the name of the game right now and we have been on the water pretty much everyday. We apologize for the lack of reports over the week, but everyone was pretty tired by the end of each day. The fishing has been fair at best, and it has been crowded a little more than usual along the streams.

Bryant with some steel of his own.

Gary with a heavy Erie buck!

Joe with a good fish of his own.

We will try to keep you updated, but we are all on the Ohio and PA streams through the rest of the week, so we will have a report up early next week. If you need a report or are interested in fishing with us, please call me stream side at 419-466-9382.

Gary with another good PA buck steelhead!

Brian with one of many brought to the net!

Alice, Patrick, and James O'Neill take a family shot with their guide Patrick Robinson.

Tom with a fat Ohio hen steelhead!

Tom with a nice Ohio Buck!

Mike with a solid piece of Ohio Chrome!

Nice Fish Mike!

Joe with a nice buck steelhead!

Fish On!!!

It was great fishing with everyone so far this week!!! Look for more in the coming days!!!
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