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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall 2008 update from Steelhead Alley Outfitters

Here is a video to help get you thinking about the fall season.
We are really excited about the approaching Fall steelhead runs here on the Alley! As you can see we have been fishing abroad to keep in touch with the latest fly fishing equipment, honing our skills and learning new and improved ways to make your fly fishing trip experience even better. Our Summer guide season is nearly over, and we are preparing to hit the surf to cast for early run fish on Lake Erie. Can't wait till they start to trickle in during the cool late August nights.

An example of a perfect fall Ohio steelhead that took an olive sculpin swinging through the tail out of the pool.

We are booking steady for our fall/winter steelhead season, and with the experience and depth of our staff we can arrange and accommodate you on all the prime days during the season. We handle Business, club, personal, and special needs clients every season! No group is to large and each trip is customly put together with no details left out for every client, guaranteeing that your trip with exceed your expectations. Don't hesitate to call me at 419-466-9382 or email at to build the fly fishing package that is right for you.

A trophy 2007 fall run steelhead caught on one of our Ohio tributaries!

We have also started taking bookings for our spring 2009 steelhead season, and it is never to early to book your prime Ohio steelhead dates. We will once again be offering our on the water clinic, several fly tying classes, spey casting and steelhead schools, and providing speaking and slide show presentations around the Mid west. (see list below)

We have openings with Will Turek SAO's spey specialist for Late August and September Spey casting classes at Hidden Valley Park on the grand River. Check out our spey trips page at for more details.

Pink Salmon on the fly

In a few short weeks we will be hosting twenty anglers up North to fly/spey fish for Great Lakes King Salmon and Pink Salmon. This is a world class experience and must see fishery!!! If interested in joining the group vacation this September give us a shout their is plenty of room and plenty of river. With our accommodations and being inexpensive missing this trip wouldn't be right.

Senyo's tube fly Sculpins and more!!!

We are now offering individual and assortments of Senyo's custom sculpin tube flies, Emerald Shiner tubes, and Scandinavian style tubes. All tubes are constructed on Eumer products/materials and Hare Line Dubbin inc. materials. Diiachi tube hooks included with each tube fly. These are custom order only call 419-466-9382 to place orders.

You may have noticed we no longer offer individual fly sales online, instead we have decided to offer assortments only online and continue to distribute to the major fly shops across the region. This has been well received by our customers as our orders have doubled over the past year due mainly to an exclusive new line of steelhead flies. Our patterns are also available through with over 15 patterns coming in the 2009 catalog and online. If you are interested in individual fly sales for Great Lakes Steelhead flies we use and recommend these patterns are tied strictly in the USA and on diiachi hooks to order and is a top supplier of steelhead flies to noted fly fishing guides across the Great Lakes.

2008 list of Events with SAO:

September 27th and 28th Muskegon River Michigan Spey Clave:
Greg Senyo: Tying custom Great Lakes Tube Sculpins
Will Turek: Spey casting demonstrations

October 11th Orvis Dayton:
Greg Senyo: Tying Custom Great lakes Steelhead Flies
Patrick Robinson: Steelhead and trout presentation

October 12th Orvis Royal Oak Detroit Michigan:
Greg Senyo: Tying Custom Steelhead Flies
Patrick Robinson: Steelhead Presentation

November 8th Orvis Carmel Indiana
Greg Senyo: Fly tying demos
Patrick Robinson: Trout and steelhead presentation

December 6th Colton Bay Outfitters Michigan
Greg Senyo: Steelhead fly Patterns, tubes, custom patterns
Patrick Robinson: Steelhead and trout presentation

We have several tying commitments and club speaking engagements that will go out in your club news letters, and several more shop listings still not finalized and will be updated shortly. We hope to see each and everyone of you. January shows will be listed at later date with 2009 updates.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting our staff, this company, and the life long relationships we have begun to form with you. Your Fly orders, bookings, and commitment to our company is the sole reason we are able to offer the service we provide today. Thank you to the numerous fly shops for their referrals and to the 30+ fly fishing industry leading companies that have provided us Pro staff status to offer the amount and quality of equipment we use on a daily basis. Last but not least to our Lake Erie communities, the tributary land owners, and my true home, thank you for your unwavering support of our team.

SAO Staff

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