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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alaskan Experience With SAO

I have heard it being said, and at one time believed it myself! That the Great Lakes Regions of Canada and the U.S. offered salmon fishing that rivals that of Alaska, and even better it was half the cost for the same experience... After being in Alaska I quickly came to reality and understood that the people saying such a thing have either never been to Alaska or just need to have their head and eyes checked!

Each year we host several great groups of angler's from across the lower 48 to what has become one of the great fly fishing experiences of my life. I truly believe that it is a must experience to fish and share these waters along side the Grizzly Bear at least once in your life!!!

So if you are looking or wanting to head north and are interested in meeting angler's of all walks of life, looking for a festive good time, chowing down some great food, telling fish stories in good company, and long for catching fish on the fly...! Give us a shout we would love to have you as a part of our outing each year!

A Double on Trophy Arctic Char

A Trophy Rainbow Trout

A Colored Up Buck Silver Salmon

A Fresh Silver (Coho) Salmon on the Naknek

Sockeye Are Everywhere

A Monster Ugashik Narrows Char....32" in.

One Heck of an Alaskan Double

A Sow Grizzly and her Two Cubs on The Brooks River

A Sockeye Up Close and Personal...Check out Those Teeth

Walking in for a morning of fishing you will never forget!

Ample opportunities to catch Char like this...

Casting mice to hungry Rainbow Trout.

Big and Bright Silver Salmon!

Hefty Sockeye...

Monster Coho.

Doubles, Triples... Everyone has a great experience!

Hooked up on a good fish.

Big Bows abound..

More Char?

We hope to see you here!!

Alaskan Experience includes:
6 days/ 7 nights lodging/meals
6 days Guided fishing
Multiple rivers and fly fishing experiences
River side Cabins and Full bath house
Serious inquiries only!!! Complete Outline of trip details will be provided on request.. Please call me at 419-466-9382 or email us at Prices are very reasonable and affordable! We look forward to hearing from you...

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